Manage your accounts and finances

ABSL ERP helps you manage your bottom line. It covers all transactions, financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments and fixed assets. In addition it can be recorded in DOUBLE ENTRY SYSTEM. It gives you the most accurate and reliable position of your accounts and helps you track your business performance.


Manage your suppliers

ABSL ERP helps you buy smarter by streamlining the procurement process as per ISO norms and standards such as floating enquiries, auto comparing quotations, finalizing orders. It helps you track purchase requests, orders created, deliveries, subcontract orders, buyer workloads, and manage the approval process from order through receipt and invoicing which helps in timely delivery of resources and maintaining the production process as per schedule.


Optimize your stock

Monitor the inventory status in real-time and keep up with demand to ensure optimal efficiency. Control your Inventory by maintaining required levels of inventory, analyzing the inventory levels using ABC/FSN analysis method, periodical analysis, and through material flow management in order to avoid production process delays and to reduce the chances of malfunctioning and misuse of inventory.


Improve production process

Manage all your processes with one complete system. ABSL ERP supports all the production process activities such as material requirement planning, production requirement analysis, forecasting and pre-planning of resources, scheduling/controlling/maintaining the equipment. It helps you to achieve high end products by maximum utilization of resources and equipment. It also supports automation.


Improve your marketing strategy

Manage all the marketing activities such as staff recruitment, field work, selecting target areas for marketing, Strategic planning, listing all competitors, gathering and handling all customer information.


Accelerate sales

Improve your top line performance. ABSL ERP provides quick and easy access to information concerning finished/semi-finished products, customers, price lists, discounts, and carriers. You can produce reports customer wise, area wise, item wise, executive wise sales reports and provides sales analysis.


Increase work efficiency

ABSL ERP helps you increase usability, productivity of your employees and managing Absl by selecting employees, talent acquisition, training, planning and recruitment, performance management, career management, payroll and employee separations. Enables access to relevant data across departments and job roles.

Increase collaboration

ABSL ERP increases the efficiency and collaboration of your teams. In-house job work covers all the activities including the receipt of raw materials, performing quality checks, producing the finished goods, and delivering it to the customers. Out-sourced job work includes batch planning, collaborating with contractors for material, and tracking the receipt of semi/finished goods from the contractors.


Increase Quality Control

ABSL ERP increases quality control and helps you keep up with the ISO standards of quality in all departments. It provides the facilities to enter standard tests to be performed, normal results/ranges, and analyzes the results with the pre-defined standards which helps you accept or reject the material based on the information provided after analysis regarding the quality of the material.


Satisfy your customers

Delight your customers with exceptional service. Full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing provides a 360-degree understanding of customer activity—all within a single business management system. Stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as keeps track of customer activity like website visits, phone calls, email, and more.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) application enables close monitoring, control, analysis, and maintenance.

ABSL helps you with the Implementation of leading SCADA and process control systems to meet evolving business dynamics, produce improvements in business processes, and enhance profit margins

ABSL provides business services for industrial automation with products like PLC, VFD, HMI, Energy management systems and Process control instruments in collaboration with S.V. CONTROL SYSTEMS, A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CHANEL PARTNER to help organizations automate its processes.

ABSL Equipment Automation with PLC’s helps with Process Automation, Machine Automation, Energy monitoring, Data monitoring and Data logging solutions


Gain actionable insights with customized Reports generation along with process data from your existing SCADA systems.


In today’s competitive marketplace up-to-date information about your manufacturing operations is critical to your success. We can assist you by providing real-time information links into your production equipment so that you can continuously monitor and report on your operations with the touch of a button.

We can link your automated equipment to virtually any :

This lets you view information such as:


Not only can you receive information from your automated equipment, but your MES/ERP/SCADA system can provide data to your equipment to perform tasks such as load recipes, pass lot/batch information, or load inspection and test parameters. This can save time and eliminate human error associated with manual data transfer.

Key capabilities include:

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