Vehicle Electrical Architecture

Our capability is complete vehicle electrical Architecture design. Based on the vehicle subsystems and components list features, the Electrical system architecture can be structured. We start with the functional characteristics of all the constituent systems which are defined as parts of the vehicle and mark out in detail the interfaces between the different electrical items and to list the control switches, the status signal / sensor inputs and the actuators to be controlled. Based on this detailed data, a basic circuit schematic is prepared taking into account all the connections.

Increase collaboration

ABSL ERP increases the efficiency and collaboration of your teams. In-house job work covers all the activities including the receipt of raw materials, performing quality checks, producing the finished goods, and delivering it to the customers. Out-sourced job work includes batch planning, collaborating with contractors for material, and tracking the receipt of semi/finished goods from the contractors.


Increase Quality Control

ABSL ERP increases quality control and helps you keep up with the ISO standards of quality in all departments. It provides the facilities to enter standard tests to be performed, normal results/ranges, and analyzes the results with the pre-defined standards which helps you accept or reject the material based on the information provided after analysis regarding the quality of the material.


Satisfy your customers

Delight your customers with exceptional service. Full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing provides a 360-degree understanding of customer activity—all within a single business management system. Stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as keeps track of customer activity like website visits, phone calls, email, and more.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) application enables close monitoring, control, analysis, and maintenance.

ABSL helps you with the Implementation of leading SCADA and process control systems to meet evolving business dynamics, produce improvements in business processes, and enhance profit margins

ABSL provides business services for industrial automation with products like PLC, VFD, HMI, Energy management systems and Process control instruments in collaboration with S.V. CONTROL SYSTEMS, A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CHANEL PARTNER to help organizations automate its processes.

ABSL Equipment Automation with PLC’s helps with Process Automation, Machine Automation, Energy monitoring, Data monitoring and Data logging solutions


Gain actionable insights with customized Reports generation along with process data from your existing SCADA systems.


In today’s competitive marketplace up-to-date information about your manufacturing operations is critical to your success. We can assist you by providing real-time information links into your production equipment so that you can continuously monitor and report on your operations with the touch of a button.

We can link your automated equipment to virtually any :

This lets you view information such as:


Not only can you receive information from your automated equipment, but your MES/ERP/SCADA system can provide data to your equipment to perform tasks such as load recipes, pass lot/batch information, or load inspection and test parameters. This can save time and eliminate human error associated with manual data transfer.

Key capabilities include:

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